An Act

A body. My body. A space. Actions in this space and within me. My inner monologue, which feels the necessity to articulate itself. In the here and now. The continuous search for myself. My autobiographical solo work, AN ACT, delves into questions of identity and transformation. In it, I explore my body as simultaneously concrete and fluid, delve into the feeling of obsession, reveal myself as vulnerable and playful. My actions lead to a performative deconstruction of established categories. A constant search. Incompleteness. With AN ACT, I want to create a piece that invites not to define anything and confronts. In my creative process, I work intuitively, exploring the expressive potential of the body and voice. Inner images and memories inspire me in developing characters/ personas. I immerse myself in my own fantasies and, through their physical realization, test various personas, their stories, and their relationship to the external world. In doing so, I aim to explore the boundaries of a wide spectrum. Honest and profound.

Created in the context of the TanzPlan Ost Associated
Artist Programme 2023/24

Artistic direction, concept, choreography, dance: Neil Höhener
Dramaturgy: Charlotte Mathiessen
Music / composition: Luca Magni
Costumes: Ben Voorhaar, Sabrina Zyla / Karisma Costumes
Szenography / Light: Thomas Giger
Film / Video: Linus Von Stumberg und Team
Mentoring / outside eye choreography: Caroline Finn
Dramaturgical support TanzPlan Ost: Mona De Weerdt
Production Management TanzPlan Ost: Romeo Oliveras

An Act is a production by Neil Höhener Creations coproduced by TanzPlan Ost

17./18./19.10.2024 Tanzhaus Zürich
24.10.2024 Phönix Theater, Steckborn
03.11.2024 Bachturnhalle Schaffhausen
08.2025 PAULA Festival St.Gallen