take a seat

Step into a mesmerizing journey of self-exploration as I take the stage. Utilizing a human-looking mask to transcend conventional gender boundaries, I delve into the abstract narrative of my character. Through fluid and evocative movement, I traverse a range of emotional and mental states, delving deep into the complexities of the human experience. With a keen focus on the subtext of movement and expression, I invite the audience to witness the raw honesty and relatability of this gender-neutral persona. As the story unfolds, it becomes a poignant reflection on society’s inclination to don different masks for various situations in our lives. This powerful and thought-provoking dance theater piece serves as a compelling reminder of our shared journey, urging us to peel away our own masks and embrace the authentic selves that lie beneath. Anonymous free from any convention, breaking predictable cliches, giving mystery and invites to question about who this persona is. It touches several layers of mental and emotional states and experiences in the path of life. In an extreme, sensual and provocative way, as well as delicate and intimate. a journey within mystery, through a dark desire for emotional connection.

Concept, choreographer, dance: Neil Höhener
Audio editing by MAVAREL

take a seat is supported by: Kulturstiftung des Kantons Thurgau, Else Van Sick Stiftung, Kulturpool Oberthurgau, Stiftung Anne Marie Schindler, Embassy of Switzerland in Türkiye

For this solo Neil received the Newcomer price at the 27 Oltener Tanztage 2023

02.06.2022 Internationales Solo Tanz Theater
Festival Stuttgart 2022
21./23.10.22 InciDanse Fribourg 2022
12.05.2023 Tanzfest Winterthur 2023
19.05.2023 DanzaTTack Festival, Tenerife 2023
26.08.2023 Solo Contemporary Dance Festival Ankara 2023
23.09.2023 Quinzena de Dança de Almada 2023
17.11.2023 Oltener Tanztage 2023
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