White Room

In WHITE ROOM, I delved into the eccentricity of madness. Picture this: isolated, insane, and utterly alone in a cold, sterile white space. What does it mean to be crazy? I’ve always been captivated by observing people, imagining the thoughts swirling in their minds. Watching individuals sink into their own thoughts, completely immersed in their personal worlds. Consider the moments sitting on a tram, contemplating what others think of us, how they perceive us, and reciprocally, how we perceive them. These daily internal dialogues we engage in, all transpiring within our minds. It intrigues me how deeply I can lose myself in my own thoughts, momentarily disconnecting from reality. I believe we are capable of traversing imaginary realms through our thoughts, momentarily losing our true selves. Perhaps, being crazy is losing sight of reality. In a way, aren’t we all a bit mad then? Is it even beneficial to be a little mad? Without this capability, expressing ourselves freely and embodying alternative versions of ourselves wouldn’t be possible. We can journey into different worlds, momentarily forgetting our consciousness shaped by the environment, and just exist in the present. “WHITE ROOM explores this labyrinth of thoughts, blurring the line between sanity and the beautifully chaotic realm of imagination.”

Concept, choreography, dance: Neil Höhener

10.04.2019 Dance Fest Skopje 2019
08.09.2019 Tanzhaus Zürich