Neil Höhener was born in Mexico City and grew up in the East of Switzerland. He graduated with a BA in Contemporary Dance at the Zurich University of the Arts, ZHdK in 2019. Where he performed works by Itzik Galili, Barak Marshall, Michael Schumacher, Ihsan Rustem, Jasmine Morand, Emanuele Soavi, Lorand Zachar, Renaud Wiser, Phillip Egli.

He has been working for diffrent companies and freelance choreographers across Europe such Nunzio Impellizzeri Dance Company (CHE) Skopje Dance Theater (MKD) Club Guy and Roni, Poetic Disasters Club (NLD) Cie Marchepied (CHE) DAGADA dance company (DEU) Cie La Ronde (CHE) Egri Bianco Danza (ITA) Cie Le Lokart (CHE) Marcel Leemann Physical Dance Theater (CHE) Martin Zimmermann (CHE) Tabea Martin (CHE)

He worked in projects with Dantzaz, Proyecto Larrua / Boris Charmatz, Zürcher Theater Spektakel / Choreographers in Residence, Winston Arnon, Angela Demattè / Alain Platel, Brückerei / MAZE dance company, Emese Nagy

For 2023/24 Neil Höhener is an Associated Artist of TanzPlan Ost. During this season he will create an evening length solo work with the titel "An Act". His short pieces such as the solo “White Room“ created in 2019 was performed at the Tanzhaus Zürich and at Dance Fest Skopje, North Mazedonia. His solo work ”take a seat” created in 2022. Was invited for different festivals during 22/23 such as the Internationales Solo Tanz Theater Festival Stuttgart / InciDance Fribourg / Tanzfest Winterthur / DanzaTTack Festival, Tenerife / Solo Dance Festival Ankara / Quinzena de Dança Almada. He received the newcomer prize 2023 for “take a seat” at the 27th Oltener Tanztage. He created with Moira Lafosse their duet work ”No Controles” which premiered in March 2023 as part of the Mixed Pickles #12 at ROXY Birsfelden. ”No Controles” was performed at Brücki 235 Festival, Zürich / Zürcher Theater Spektakel / Tanzfestival Winterthur 2023 / Festival Entrelaçados and will be performed at Théâtre du Jura and Tanzfest Winterthur in 2024.

His works have been shown at
Skopje Dance Fest 2019
Tanzhaus Zürich 2019
Solo Tanz Theater Festival Stuttgart 2022
InciDanse Fribourg 2022
Roxy Birsfelden, Mixed Pickles 2023
Tanzfest Winterthur 2023
DanzaTTack Festival Tenerife 2023
Brücki 235 Festival Zürich 2023
Solo Contemporary Dance Festival Ankara 2023
Zürcher Theater Spektakel 2023
Quinzena de Dança de Almada 2023
Oltener Tanztage 2023
Tanzfestival Winterthur 2023
Festival Entreloçados Portimão 2023
Tanzfest Winterthur 2024
Théâtre du Jura 2024
Tanzhaus Zürich 2024
Phönix Theater 2024
Theater Bachturnhalle Schaffhausen 2024
Paula Interfestival 2025


  • Did Schaffer, Gruppe Raumflucht

  • Tabea Martin "LOVE SCENES"

  • Martin Zimmermann ”CIAO CIAO”


  • Associated Artist, Tanz Plan Ost "An Act"


  • Tanz Plan Ost, Choreo Lab

  • Marcel Leemann Physical Dance Theater ”CIAO”

  • MAZE dance company ”PERFECTION DETOX”

  • Cie Le Lokart ”SACRE”


  • Egri Bianco Danza ”The Dark Matter” / ”Eartheart”

  • BRÜCKEREI, Alain Platel ”Rite of Spring”

  • Yoko Ono “Bag Piece” Kunsthaus Zurich


  • Cie La Ronde ”8” Steps Dance Festival 2022, Theater Winterthur


  • DAGADA dance company ”Pussy Lounge”

  • Cie Marchepied works by Cie Utilitie Publique, Yann Lheureux


  • Marcel Leemann Physical Dance Theater ”High Risk Body”

  • Choreographers in Residence works by Winston Arnon, Angela Demattè


  • Club Guy and Roni, Poetic Disasters Club works by Dunja Jocic, Tatiana Mateeva, Harold Luya, Davy Pieters


  • Boris Charmatz, Zürcher Theater Spektakel

  • Dantzaz, Proyecto Larrua ”Artalde”

  • Nunzio Impellizzeri Dance Company ”Happening”

  • Skopje Dance Theater works by Risima Risimkin, Adrijana Dancevska, Dejan Bitrovski / Dance Fest Skopje 2019


  • Gob Squad arts collective ”Pictures for Dorian“

  • Nunzio Impellizeri Dance Company ”Corpo Barocco”

  • BA Contemporary Dance, Steps Dance Festival, Dance Fest Skopje, TanzArt ostwest works by Itzik Galili, Barak Marshall, Jasmine Morand, Michael Schumacher